Entrants Guide

Federation Business School Gippsland Business Awards –
Entrants Guide 2019

When completing your entry you will need to:

Provide the following information:

  • Item 1 – Confirmation that your business has a base in and employs people in Gippsland
  • Item 2 – Description of Your business i.e. Business Profile (500 words or less). This description (or business profile) should include:
    • A brief history of your business and its location(s)
    • An overview of your products, services, and markets
    • How you have developed and grown the business
    • Any major achievements or milestones during the life of the business
    • How you make your business accessible to all people
  • Item 3 – A description of your short and long term goals to secure the future of your business (100 words or less). Where possible you should include clear goals, timeframes, and quantifiable targets
  • Item 4 – Discuss how you have taken advantage of opportunities or overcome challenges to implement initiatives to grow your business? (750 words or less.) For example:  utilised new staff member’s social media skills to develop and launch new website to service interstate customers, sales in this category have since increased by 25%.
  • Media Information – Provide a brief (100 word) promotional summary to be used for promotional purposes in the event you become a finalist

Before submitting your entry, please ensure you have prepared:

  • The summary of your business
  • A business logo you can upload (jpeg or png format only)
  • Answers to items 1, 2, 3, 4 and Media Information
  • Optional: a word or PDF document containing the above information that supports your application.  We suggest that you prepare your answers in a Word document saved to your computer and attach or copy and paste your answers to the website, so you have a copy for your records
  • Please add info@gba.org.au to your contacts list to make sure emails regarding your nomination go straight to your inbox

Terms & Conditions

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