The judging process is conducted in three stages.

Stage One or Initial Judging of Entrants

In Stage One, all entries submitted are assessed against the Eligibility Criteria and responses evaluated. Those entries whose submission meets the criteria and gain a higher than average aggregate numerical score against the questions are further evaluated at Stage Two. All entries are judged independently by two (2) judges who are business experts from relevant business disciplines. All judges are carefully selected and co-ordinated to ensure that the judging process is fair, objective and free of bias or influence.

Note: All entries are judged within their nominated entry category.

Stage Two (Recommended Finalist Judging)

The recommended finalists are judged independently by two (2) judges that have not previously judged these entries. Judges at this stage once again assess the entry against all the criteria.

Stage Three

During this phase, finalists will undertake a detailed telephone interview with a personal visit or silent shopper call/visit completed as deemed appropriate by the judging panel. Additional reference checks may also be conducted where required by the judging panel.
At this stage entries are assessed across nine main areas:

  • Leadership in Your Industry
  • Innovation
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Legislation and Regulation
  • Business Planning Process
  • Environmental Impact
  •  Use of Technology
  •  Accessibility to All
  •  Future Plans

Category Winners and Business of the Year

The judging panel comes together to adjudicate and determine from the finalists whether a winner can be identified within the respective categories.

The entire judging panel then discusses and adjudicates on the possible candidates for and selection of Business of the Year.

Judging Methodology and Assessment

Entries will be judged on the basis of the information provided, eligibility and responses to the questions in the submission.

All entries are evaluated and assessed in accordance with the Gippsland Business Awards judging assessment criteria and methodology. A numerical grading system is utilised and weighted against the various sections of the submission during the assessment phase.